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The Bike Center of Elba Island

Tour of Elba Island, now also in 'Enduro Version' (for expert rider)

Mine's Tour, amazing
Bike Tour with Guide
and exciting descent
into the tunnels!

Mauro Cottone
Mauro Cottone Boss
Mauro have seen to botn the MTB and has always been in the off-road disciplines, first as an athlete and mountain bike guide ('90) and then as a photographer and journalist, now director of the 365mountainbike Magazine.
Tenuta delle Ripalte
Tenuta delle Ripalte Isola d'Elba, Italy
The Bike Center is inside this magnificent structure on the southeastern promontory, in the heart of a green resort. It' s born on old farm of Marquis Tobler (1986).
Davide Finetto
Davide Finetto The Bully
Davide is an National athlete of Enduro/DH and a MTB MTB Federation Guide. He participates even now, when he finds time between various client, in Downhill or Enduro competitions and he is 365mountainbike's tester.